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Grand Menu · Non Alcohol & Soft Drink

Cocktail without alcohol One drink  450

Peach Orange, Peach Grape, Peach Soda, Peach Oolong,

Cassis orange, cassis grape, cassis soda, cassis oolong,

Coconut Pine, Coconut Orange, Coconut Milk,

Melon orange, melon soda, melon milk,

Peach Soda, Peach Milk, Peach Oolong,

Strawberry soda, strawberry milk,

Mint Orange, Mint Soda, Mint Milk,

Malibu Orange, Malibu Pine, Malibu Milk,

Lychee grape, litchi soda, caramel milk,


Banana milk, banana orange, banana soda,

Soft drink

Espresso 400

Caffe latte 450  Ice caffe latte 450

Espresso caramel shake  600

Espresso vanilla shake    600

Espresso chocolate shake 600

Hot coffee 400 Ice coffee 400

Wiener coffee 450

Ice wine coffee       450

Chocolate Winner Coffee    500


Ice chocolate wiener coffee 550

Tea (Darjeeling)  400 Ice Tea 400

Milk tea 450 Ice milk tea 450

Orange Ice Tea 600 Oolong Tea 400

Ice oolong tea 400

Orange juice     500

Grapefruit juice 500

Pine juice 400 Tomato juice 450

Cocoa 450 Ice cocoa 450

Hot Calpis 400 Ice Calpis 400

Calpis Soda 450

Wilkinson soda 450 Coca-Cola 500

Wilkinson tonic water 500

Wilkinson ginger ale  500

non-alcoholic beer 450

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